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Pipeline / Power Line Patrol

Crumpton Aviation, LLC has acquired certification for Pipeline Patrol.

The most effective way to monitor pipelines and power lines for damage and encroachments is from the air.  Crumpton Aviation can provide scheduled and on-demand pipeline and power line patrols for our clients.  Aerial patrol is an effecient way to rapidly cover broad areas of remote pipeline and power line locations and right of ways.  Patrols include but are not limited to:

* Right of Way Encroachments

* Exposed Pipes

* Land Erosion and Sunken Backfill

* Construction or Excavation in or close to ROW

* Broken Lines or Pipeline Leaks

* Infrared Inspections and Investigations

* Natural Gas Pipeline - Leak Detection

* Emergency On Call - Available to back up your current provider

Please provide us with the location, mileage and frequency of the pipeline to be inspected.  We can assemble a quote for the service.  Inspections will be made per DOT, NCCER and your company policy.


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